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Lamarsh Trial - 4th Oct - Results

The Trials season got underway today in the glorious October sunshine at Top Farm, Lamarsh.  26 competitors took part, with many cars being double driven.  ECMC would like to thank David Holmes for doing an excellent Clerk's job today, tweaking the hills between rounds to ensure they made a sufficient challenge without being impossible.  The long grass was still very wet with dew for the first round, but as soon as the sun hit the hills it started to dry and the scores steadily dropped.  Sadly ECMC Historian Leigh Trevail retired early in the day with fuel pump issues, the car objecting to not having been run for a couple of years!  The Citroen AX of Cliff Morrell/Adrian Gibson seemed to be suffering with a flat battery at the end of the morning, as a consequence  they missed a couple of hills and had it back on the trailer, but a quick tinkering session saw it apparently behaving again and they were able to complete the after rounds.

At the end of the day Chris Pettitt started the defense of his AMSC Trials series title with a very impressive score of 24 (15 of which picked up on the slippery Round 1 hills), and in fact did not pick a single penalty all afternoon - a worthy overall win.  Andy Mount kept him honest all day and only lost out by picking up a 3 on the final round, but 26 points was an easy Class B win.  The Hanman Dellow was the cream of Class D with Peter and son Tim going into the final round equal on points, had it stayed that way Peter would have taken the class on the 'furthest cleanest' rule but in the end Tim pipped him by 2 points on the final hills to take the win.

We had 5 newcomers trying out PCT'ing for the very first time and all came back to the admin desk grinning after each round so there no question that they enjoyed themselves.  Barry Franklin came out top in this class and in fact finished 11th overall, which is very impressive for a first event.

This event was the opening round of the AMSC Trials series 2015-16.  David Bell will be doing his numerical magic and allocating the first scores for the series based on these results, so check the AMSC website soon to see how you faired.


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